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VRRM – is a full-service
Vacation Rental and Revenue Management company
that was founded with the purpose to maximize
your return on investment.


We offer a full range of rental management services such as: marketing, cleaning, maintenance, 24/7 customer support, reservation management, accounting and more. Our services go above and beyond what others provide, and we do it for a commission of just 20-25%, not the 35-60% others charge.


Our experienced sales and marketing staff analyzes the relationship between supply and demand and carefully choose prices based on the season, month, day of the week and other factors. We utilize effective strategies and techniques and special pricing models in order to increase your revenue.


You will enjoy higher revenue without having to do any of the work! Would like to stay in control? No problem! As an owner you will be provided with a login page on our website to see live statistics for each of your properties, view your reservation calendar and download revenue reports every month.

Our Services


We take professional photos of your property and write search engine optimized content to create eye-catching listing and we promote it on the most viewed vacation rental websites in the world


At VRRM we take care of the booking procedure from start to finish. We handle check in and check out, answer inquiries, manage deposits and payments, provide 24/7 customer support


We ensure that your property is properly cleaned and inspected after every guest leaves. We also offer maintenance and repairs to keep your vacation home or apartment in top condition


Using the most advanced vacation management technology, highly effective optimized rental listings, marketing and experienced pricing approach, we focus on increasing your rental revenue


We offer a full range of accounting services including revenue reports and profit and loss statements on a monthly basis and tax forms at the end of the year. We can also assist with any other tax if needed


As an owner you have live access to the reservation calendar and statistics, you can download revenue reports and request a reservation for yourself or your friends through our website (mobile friendly)


Questions & Answers

VRRM is a full service rental property management company. Our services include listing distribution and marketing, reservation and revenue management, cleaning and maintenance, accounting and monthly reports, and live access to revenue reports and bookings. View more details about our services here: Our Service

VRRM charges a low fee of 25% of your rental income, and we do not charge you unless we make you money. Most competitors charge significantly more; anywhere from 35-60% or higher, while offering fewer rental management services.

Our rental management staff is highly experienced in rental revenue management, demand management and hotel distribution, so we know what works when it comes to increasing your rental income. By focusing on effective online advertising and marketing, we provide you with a way to significantly increase your rental revenue using proven methods, and without having to deal with any management requirement on their own.

We advertise your rental property on a wide range of high traffic websites for maximum exposure such as Airbnb.com, Booking.com, Homeaway.com, VRBO.com and others as needed. We also offer professional and listing creation services, and our listings will draw attention and ensure that your vacation properties are booked for as much of the year as possible.

If you already rent your vacation home but don’t have enough time to manage it or if your occupancy is low VRRM is the perfect solution for you. We will increase your occupancy and revenue by up to 60% or more, and also manage every aspect of your property as required. We also help property owners who want to increase their revenue by switching from long term to short term rentals, and we assist investors who are looking to buy a vacation home, apartment, condo or hotel.

No problem; you, your friends or your relatives can stay at your property any time you wish. You will have an access to your reservation calendar and can send us a request at any time to reserve specific dates. We do not require a commission for this -- only a small cleaning fee to clean the property after your stay.

If your apartment or vacation home is unfurnished we can help with buying all of the necessary furniture and assist with any other services such as connecting utilities, cleaning the property professionally, repairing it, and any other necessary work in order to get your property ready for rental as quickly as possible.

With extensive experience in revenue and demand management, we utilize a wide range of effective strategies, techniques and special pricing models with the goal of selling every available room, every night, at the highest price possible. Prices are carefully selected based on the day of the week, month, season and holidays.

We charge guests for cleaning and pay this fee to our cleaning company, so you do not have to pay for cleaning costs after guests leave your property.

We will make an ACH deposit to your bank account or any other payment method that you prefer at the start of every month. We will also send you a monthly statement with detailed revenue information.

You will have online access to your apartment reservation calendar; you will be able to see all existing and future reservations, download your monthly statements, request to book dates for yourself, or send us a message any time of the day or night, 24/7

To get started today, just call us at +1 305-495-8354 or send us a message using the “Owner Request” tab on our website and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible!